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The Christmas show and sale of Prime Sheep drew an entry of 1,145 Prime Lambs, 315 Cull Ewes and 23 Cull Cows.

Judging was kindly undertaken by Alan Davies Esq, Butcher of Berriew , Welshpool who selected his champions a pair of Beltex X from Ifan H Hughes, Bryn Eithinog, Pontllyfni which later sold to the Judge for £130.00 (276.6pk).

Reserve champions were also exhibited by Ifan H Hughes being a pair of Beltex X weighing 44kg and also selling to the Judge for £110.00 (2.50pk)

The trade was better on the week with a lift in prices across all weights. Cull Ewes were also good to sell reaching £110 for Texel s from D T Jones, Bryn Rhydd, Edern. Strong X bred were trading between £80 to £90. Best Hill bred were a touch dearer.

Cull Cows met a strong trade with 7 active buyers ringside. Best was a Lim Cow from M Jones, Pant y Coed weighing 880kg at 147p realising £1,293.60.


Champion Pair and Reserve Lambs - Ifan H Hughes, Bryn Eithinog, Pontllyfni

4 Texel Lambs 1st G Owen, Glanrhyd, Nefyn  2nd D T Jones, Bryn Rhydd, Edern 

4 Suff X Lambs 1st & 2nd - G D Roberts, Llystyn Ganol, Garndolbenmaen

4 Beltex Lambs 1st G H Lloyd, Castellcoed, Chwilog

4 Other X bred 1st S Williams, Ty Mwg,Madryn 2nd G Owen, Glanrhyd

4 Welsh to 34kg 1st & 2nd - M G Roberts, Croesor Uchaf, Croesor

4 Welsh over 34k 1st & 2nd M G Roberts

Texel Ewes - D T Jones, Bryn Rhydd, Edern

X bred Ewes - D T Jones

Imp Welsh Ewes - W G Roberts, Cwrt, Aberdaron

Hardy Welsh Ewes - National Trust, Hafod y Llan

Mule Ewes - W Owen, Gwnhingar, Llannor



Superlight Ave 115.3p

Light to 183.2p Ave 154p

Standard to 218.9p Ave 174.6p

Medium to 250p Ave 175.1p

Heavy to 276.6p Ave 179.9p


Texel to £110 Char to £100

Suff to £96

Chev to £86

Mule to £72

Imp Welsh to £60

X bred to £88

Welsh to £44

Rams to £90


Lim to 147p

Char to 130p

Angus to 126p

W/B to 103p

B/Blue to £96

Saler to 96p

Hols to £87


Strs 36m to 138p

Heifers to 145p

W/Black aged bulls to 103p

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