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NEW SEASONS LAMBSA high clearance as 538 lambs sold to a lively trade, much improved on lighter weights as up to 32kg lambs averaged 170p/kg with a top of 180p/kg (£55 – 30.5kg) and 178p/kg (£48 – 27kg) from JN Wheaton. 177p/kg (£50 – 28.3kg) for A Pugh. 35-38kg meeting more interest to a top of 186p/kg (£70-37.7kg) from B Jones and 185p/kg (£67.50-36.5kg) from AE Morgan. Stronger lambs selling to a sharper trade with a top per kilo of 183p/kg (£76.80-42kg) for Charollais lambs from TL Prichard who also achieved top price per head at £100.  RL Evans selling to 179p/kg (£71.50-40kg). Best per kilo in the heavies at over 50kg going to PC Jenkins 167p/kg (£90-54kg) and 166p/kg (£88 – 53kg) & 165p/kg (£91.80 – 55.5kg) from JJ Greenow & Sons.

CULL SHEEP/ STORE SHEEPAnother sharp trade with some quality on offer today. Cull ewes sold to £95 for Suffolk X from TL Prichard with others from the same home at £94.  John Hawkins sold to £89 (Blue Texel) with Messrs Lewis & Hawkins selling Cheviots to £88.50 and £76.50.  Cheviot/Welsh ewes from CT & GT Williams sold to £60.50.  Welsh ewes to £48 – R Clarke and £45.50 – J Powell. Yearling rams from the Executor’s of P Bosanquet sold to £65.50 & £61.  I Pritchard sold a Zwartble ram to £89.50.

STORE LAMBSAn increased entry sold to £53 for Suffolk X lambs from Mrs M Clayton, with Texel X from the same home at £48.  M Evans also sold Texel X to £44.  FODDER – 20 Round bales of wheat straw at £280.


NEW SEASONS LAMBS1299 lambs to level at 166.04p/kg.  Texels from GH Jones, Penderi topping the market at £2/kg (£66-33kg) with very strong demand for 33-36kg weights also including: 191p/kg (£64-33.5kg) Brockmore Farm; 183p/kg (£65.80-36kg) HT Stephens; 182p/kg (£60-33kg) LT Jones.  Lightweights to 188p/kg (£58.20-31kg) Brockmore Farm and 181p/kg (£58-32kg) P Dando, down slightly on Monday with a lot more forward.  Export lambs 40-45kg up to 188p/kg Texels (£74.20-40kg) R & A Howell; 183p/kg (£74.20-40.5kg) Lewis & Hawkins; 179p/kg (£74-41.3kg) G Walters.  Heavyweights 47kg & over to 169p/kg (£82-48.5kg) again from R & A Howell; 164p/kg (£78-47.7kg) C Alford.  Top per head at £85.20 for 44kg was from AA Martin.  Yet again lean lambs significantly less than good meat, and look far better trade in the stores.  

CULL SHEEP828 cull sheep maintained a strong trade, with a real shortage of those best ewes.  Suffolk X ewes to £88 from DO & JJO Stephens, others £87 & £85.  Texel X to £81.50 from WM & CA Evans & Son.  First quality £80 plus, second quality generally £65-£79.  Best of the Hill breeds to £59 from CT & GT Williams, for strong Cheviots; Welsh to £53.50 from Williams Partners, both lots being sold as ‘good under’, which saw several pens exceed killing value.  Again there was strong competition for the grazing ewes, with very little under £30.   Rams to £140 for a Charollais ‘stock getter’ from GG & DE Brown.  Best killing rams to £120 for Beltex from GG & HE Sevenoaks and £110 from NJ & BA Turner & Son. STORE SHEEP569 store lambs, the best entry we have seen in terms of quality.  These sold to a strong trade throughout, with several men to bid on every pen ensuring full value being achieved.  Charollais X lambs from LI Bevan sold to £65 & £63.  P Dando sold to £64.  Smart medium term lambs £55-£60. Smaller but nicely bred Texel X lambs sold to £52, Welsh ranged from £27.50-£38.50.  Ram lambs met a very good following, top of £64 from DT Williams & Son, mediums £57 plus.  More store lambs required next week to satisfy buyer demand. A small entry of Breeding ewes, generally in flock ages & Hill bred, the best sold £60-£72, smaller ewes £35-£52.

REARING CALVES – A better entry with 49 calves through the ring today.  Star of the show was an 8 week old Blue bull from Price & Co Farming Ltd, showing terrific growth & conformation which sold for the days’ top price of £390.  A younger calf from the same home made £370 with the strongest all £300 or more.  Several lots of smaller but good quality Blue bulls sold from £200-£270.  The top heifer, a strong Simmental from AR Edwards & Son was a long way in front of the rest at £315 with smaller sorts again mostly £200-£240.  The Best Angus bull at £230 and heifer at £160, both came from AR Edwards & Son.  A mediocre selection of Dairy bulls met a muted trade with the best £70 plus to a peak of £84 for J Tamplin & Son.  Middling sorts £40-£70 and smaller calves £15-£30.

STRONG CALVES A mixed quality entry with the best readily saleable whilst poorly done calves could only be sold at knock down price.  Best calves today included: 4 month Blue heifer (£480) JG Morgan; 4 month Charolais heifer (£450) JG Morgan; 4 month Limousin bull (£450) RG & PJ Davies.

BREEDING CATTLEA better entry of 20 head with some quality included.  Split outfits sold to a maximum of £1595 from AWT & ER Jones, Abergavenny for a 58m Hereford, incalf cow (£895) & her 5m Lim bull calf (£700).  Another split outfit from the same home making £1575 (£780 & £795).  Sold as outfits from the same vendor reached £1310 twice & £1280.  A 57 month old Limousin bull from RT Evans made £990 with a 23 month Hereford bull from Dudley Bros at £840.

STIRKS/YOUNG STORES – An increased entry of 49 head sold to a solid if unexciting trade, with steers topping at £820 for 5 smart Lim & Blue crosses from TJ & DA Stephens, Cilfrew.  A super run of Blue X steers from RS Thomas & Son (11/12m) old to £785, with others at £755 and Angus steers from the same home also at £755.  Charolais heifers topped at £625 from Messrs Jenkins, Talybont.

FEEDING BULLS- Only 5 forward, selling to £735 for a 10 month old Hereford from M Lippiatt, Tredegar, with LE Bufton & Son, Cwmdu selling to £700 (Char, 16m).

STORE CATTLE A very good quality entry of 257 store cattle forward selling to a brisk trade and easily maintaining recent high rates.  Well bred feeding cattle and wintering sorts easy to sell and topped at £1135 (620kg-26m) for Charolais crosses from FJ & MD Beaumont, Llantilio Pertholey with similar steers to £1090 (613kg-25m) & £1070 (26m).  A super consignment of British Blue X Friesian steers sold to £1100 (647kg-23m), £1085 (625kg-25m) & £1080 (635kg-27m) from RF Francis, Coldbrook.  OTM steers to £1080 (615kg-30m) from M Lippiatt, New Tredegar.  Well fleshed OTM steers from MA Gwillim, Clytha Hill sold at £1065 (663kg-40m), £1000 (810kg-39m).  Wintering steers to £975 (15-17m) for smart Limousin crosses from HP Griffiths, Court Colman.  Charolais crosses to £930 (16-21m) from DG Jones, Hereford Road.  Charolais crosses to £950 (15m) from H, JW & MH Evans, Pontypool.  Only a few lots of younger steers at £2/kg.  Feeding heifers peaked at £1155 (730kg-28m) for well fleshed Aberdeen Angus crosses from Mrs S Roberts, Newchurch.  Charolais crosses to £1100 (735kg-24m) from ID Williams, Ponthir followed by £1095 (635kg-24m) from the same home.  FJ & MD Beaumont sold Charolais crosses to £1085 (640kg-25m).  Wintering heifers to £1060(550kg-17m) from HP Griffiths, Court Colman.  Only a few pens of younger heifers reaching 190p/kg, with most 175-185p/kg.

CULL CATTLE25 culls all Beef bred with a top of £1095 for a Limousin from RL Davis & Son, with another at £990 from M & A Brown.  Stabilizers to £1020 from R Roderick.  Charolais heifers to £915 from LM Heath.  Smaller & plainer cows also selling well.




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