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NEW SEASONS LAMBS – A large entry of 1381 lambs to a difficult trade with leaner sorts slow to sell, but a clearance, to an SQQ of 171.12p/kg.  Best selling at 190p/kg (£74-39kg) for Beltex X from Messrs Williams, Parry & Bodily, who also topped the heavy lambs at 185p/kg (£85-46kg). Medium weights 40-45kg to 186p/kg (£79.80-43kg) for C Hinksman, 182p/kg (£80.80-44.5kg) for JL Williams and 180p/kg (£79-44kg) for JV & RJ Williams. Meated heavy lambs 46.5-50kg selling to good competition:

179p/kg (£86-48kg) RN Jones; 178p/kg (£84.50-47.5kg) D & M Landscaping; 176p/kg (£81.80-46.5kg) G Walters.  Top price per head £96.20 for 57kg from JJ Greenow & Sons.

Lightweights to: 185p/kg (£51-27.5kg) MD & DL Evans; 182p/kg (£53.80-29.6kg) PJ & S Edwards & Son; 180p/kg (£57.50-32kg) LJ & EA Williams.34-36kg weights to:

188p/kg (£67.50-36kg) MT John; 183p/kg (£62.20-34kg) LJ & EA Williams; 182p/kg (£65.50-36kg) Lan Garth Stud.

CULL SHEEP/ STORE SHEEP – 303 forward with a tremendous trade throughout. Ewes topped at £98.50 for Texel X’s from J Collins, Tredegar, with Williams, Parry & Bodily selling to £98. Charollais X from Hughes & SJ Carr to £96, Jamie Williams to £95 for Suffolk X. P Woof sold Texel X to £87. Rams topped at £92 for DT Williams, with others to £75.50. Leaner grazing type ewes in strong demand between £50-£60 from A Jones, Rob Edwards and P Woof.

Good underneath, Welsh ewes, to £55.50 from R Powell, Llangenny, with others at £39.50 & £37.50.

Full mouth, good underneath ewes to £88.50, £85.50, £80 and £75 from DT Williams, Doghill Farm.

STORE LAMBS – Looking well sold compared to the fat, with Black Welsh Mountain to £50 from B Pugh and Texel X to £49 from Miss Clayton with Suffolks at £47.

PIGS – The monthly sale of pigs attracted an entry of 48 head. Cull boars sold to £150 from S Rowlands, Tredegar, with others at £130 and £115 from A Gibbons and A Pendry. Cull sows to £120 with others to £110 from A Gibbons.  Medium hogs sold to £50 from N Criddle with gilts to £65 for AM Gwillim.  Small weaners sold to £20 for gilts and £15 for boars from AJ Jones & Son.


NEW SEASONS LAMBS – 1477 lambs to a very hard trade on a day when a large proportion of the entry were Welsh lambs, proving slow to sell to a limited demand and price.  A top price of just 178p/kg (£80-45kg) for Texels from SJ Gait & 175p/kg (£66.80-38.2kg) also for Texels from SC & PW Powell.  Lights also to 175p/kg (£45.50-26kg) from D Hale.  34kg weights to 174p/kg (£59) from CJ Thomas.  Heavy lambs to 173p/kg (£81.20-47kg) from Llwynorath Farm.  Over 50kg to 172p/kg (£91-53kg) from S Graham, with very few pens over 170 pence and a lot of lean lambs in the entry an SQQ of 158.45p/kg resulted, although only 1 pen remained unsold at the end of the day.

CULL SHEEP – 628 cull sheep sold to a sharp trade, very few strong ewes forward which sold to a strong trade.  Suffolk X to £100 from GA Howells & Son; Continental X to £95 from AJ Jones & Son, all strength generally £80 plus.  It would take a very good Mule to sell over £80, the best generally around £70.  Not too many strong Hill ewes on offer, the main were small to medium types, the best Welsh to £54, with plenty £40-£50.  Small or plain generally £25-£35, with very little under this.  Rams to £95 from GR Isaac & £90 L Ralph.  Wethers to an excellent £90 from S Ponsford; small Goats sold equally as well to £62 from Thomas Partners.

STORE SHEEP – 362 store lamb sold to another very strong trade, looking very well sold against the finished lambs.  Some smart runs of medium/longer term lambs sold to £64.50, £60.50 & £60 for bunches in excess of 40 lambs.  B Chilton sold to £62, longer term lambs £50-£54.  Smaller Hill bred lambs £38-£43.  Very small £23-£30.  Some cracking ram lambs on offer, the best to £73.50 from TT & EJ Griffiths, who sold smaller ram lambs at £58.  Ewe lamb sold to £59 for Welsh X Texels from M Grenow.  Many more lambs could have been sold.  Vendors should consider drawing some lambs to try in the store section!                                                                       

REARING CALVES – 46 calves forward to a steady trade reflecting the current weak beef trade.  A couple of best Blue bulls made over £300 with Price & Co Farming at £325, just in front of Bourne Farms who had £320.  Anything not out of the top drawer however was between £200 & £250.  A bit more competition for the heifers saw them peak at £280 for a very nice calf from AP & HR Alford, with a number at £200 for Price & Co.  A limited supply and demand for native breeds meant that there was little of interest apart from a Hereford X Shorthorn heifer from DW & GL Charles which was well sold at £160.  Some good Dairy bulls on offer with 1st quality £70-£95, led by a couple of calves from BP & ME Whistance.  Middling sorts £40-£60 with small £10-£30.  Jersey X calves £12-£26.

STRONG CALVES – A generally uninspiring entry, the best  were the 7 month Hereford bulls from A & J Williams at £422.                                                            

BREEDING CATTLE – An entry of 25 head including the second part of the Dispersal from J & HL Hudd, with cows & calves selling to £1620 for an 8 year old Charolais cow & her 7m old steer calf, with others at £1550, £1520 & £1390.  The Charolais stock bull (59m) sold at £2350.

STIRKS/YOUNG STORESA small entry and a cautious trade.  Top selling for a smart Lim/Blue heifer from S Price, selling at £905, another heifer from the same home (12m) sold at £800 and a steer (11m) made £750, also from the same home.  Charolais steers from SN Dickerson (9-11m) sold to £700 & £710 from M Thomas & Co, who also sold Welsh Black Steers at £650 (10-12m).

FEEDING BULLS- A rig from M Llewellyn sold at £800, with a 13m Charolais from J & HL Hudd made £720.

STORE CATTLE – A good entry of 256 store cattle forward selling to a selective trade.  The well bred sorts were easy to sell, whilst the plainer types were difficult.  Level bunches of cattle continue to sell at a premium.  Blue cross steers topped at £1170 (620kg-25m) for DA Thomas & Son, Dyffryn.  Charolais crosses to £1130 & £1105 (640kg & 650kg) from GT Goldsworthy.  Wintering steers to £1055 (515kg-18m) for smart Charolais crosses from GR & C Saunders.  AJ Hale, sold Limousin crosses to £1020 (550kg-18m).  Simmental crosses to £1015 (530kg-17m) for D & EM Thomas & Son. Aberdeen Angus cross steers to £930 (14-15m) from BB Farming, with similar steers to £880 & £750.  Yearling steers to £950 for grazing Charollais crosses from GR & C Saunders. Feeding heifers topped at £1065 (540kg-24m) for Simmental crosses from D & EM  Thomas & Son. JPP Whittingham & Son, sold strong heifers to £1050 (645kg-22m), £1045 (550kg-24m) & £1030 (565kg-24m).  Wintering heifers sold  to £1000 (475kg-16m) for smart Charolais crosses from GR & C Saunders.  WT Walters, sold Limousin crosses to £960 (490kg-16m).

CULL CATTLE – 15 culls to another very good trade in comparison to finished cattle price saw a top price of £1000 for a Limousin from JH Davies.  Simmentals to £920 from Dudley Bros; British Blues to £915 from M Evans; Angus to £895 from WJP Jenkins; Friesians to £870 from J Tamplin & Sons.







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