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NEW SEASONS LAMBS – An excellent Bank Holiday entry of 783 finished lambs selling to a lively trade, well ahead of expectations to level at 178.09p/kg. Many of the best meated and well bred sorts in excess of 190p/kg, with top selling to 194p/kg from BG Greenow & Partner selling 45kgs  to £87.50 also 49.3kgs to £95 with 50kgs to £94 ( R Davies, Chepstow sold to 190p/kg with 44kgs at £83.80 and DA & WA Stone with 44.2kgs at £83.50. JP Marchant sold to 188p/kg with 40.5kgs at £76. J Phillips & Son sold to 188p/kg with 42.5kgs at £80. JP Marchant also made 188p/kg with 36kgs making £67.50.

Top selling in the lighter weights from MG Clayton, selling 32kgs to £60.50 or 189p/kg with J Learmond also selling 32kgs at £60.  WT & JM Probert sold 52.3kgs at £94.50.

CULL SHEEP – 257 Culls with competitive bidding throughout on all grades and breeds but again very little strength on offer. Texel ewes from IM & NA Struthers looking very well sold compared to recent rates at £90 and £88.50 from Cotton Mobile Milling Service. Speckle ewes to £61 from the same home. Welsh ewes to £64 from RL Walters. Small Suffolk rams to £57 from Brockmore Farm.

Full Mouth Crossbred ewes from H & D Brown to £84.

STORE LAMBS –Ram lambs to £50 from RL Stanbrook.


NEW SEASONS LAMBS – 1599 lambs to a harder trade throughout to an SQQ of 172.99p/kg, with heavy lambs generally much easier as only a few pens broke £90, to £93.80 (54.5kg) from DO & JJO Stephens, and a top per kilo of 178 pence (£81.80-46kg) from G Walters and 175p/kg (£89-51kg) again from DO & JJO Stephens.  40-45kg weights to 181p/kg (£78.80-43.5kg) J Pike; 180p/kg (£72.80-40.5kg) G Walters.  33-36kg weights keenly sought to a top of 191p/kg (£67-35kg) D Williams; 190p/kg (£63.50-33.5kg) Lower Turnant Farm Partners; 187p/kg (£68-36.4kg) D Jenkins.  In the lighter weights HT Stephens also sold at 191p/kg (£61-32kg), with AE & ME Pritchard at 184p/kg (£59) also for 32kg.  Under 30kg to 183p/kg (£49.50-27kg) also from HT Stephens.

CULL SHEEP – 929 cull sheep sold to a solid competitive trade throughout.  First quality generally £90 plus.  Top of £110 for Texel X from PC Jenkins; £100 M Hughes and £98.50 GW & FM Jones.  The strongest Suffolk X ewes sold to £93.  No end of stronger ewes £80-£90.  Best of the Mules £70-£75.  Hill bred ewes sold to a strong trade, top of £69 for Speckles from M & SC Perry, only the very best would be £50 plus.  Most meated medium sized Welsh £40-£50.  Several men looking for grazing ewes ensured a competitive bottom to the trade, a lot of very small or plain ewes £25-£35, and look very well sold.  Rams to a top of £95 from TJ Davies & Sons, second quality £75-£87.

STORE SHEEP – 221 store lambs sold to a top of £66 for Texel X lambs from GH Jones, other nicely bred medium term lambs around the £60 mark.  A larger entry of small lambs this week traded from £45-£55.  Very small £25-£35.  More lambs could be sold on a weekly basis.  A few pens of breeding ewes on offer.  S Thompson sold 2 year old Texel X ewes at £88.  Suffolk X yearlings from GJ Cox at £80.

REARING CALVES – 45 young calves met a reluctant trade despite the number of buyers present.  The very best strong Blues still got to £365 (twice) for Price & Co Farming Ltd with half a dozen making £300 or more.  Middling sorts between £200 & £300 with smaller sorts £140-£175.  Best of the heifers was a strong Charolais out of a Beef cow that sold at £300 whilst DJ & R Bennett sold a Simmental heifer very well at £275.  Smaller heifers in more demand than the bulls with none under £200.  Just a couple of native breeds with a Hereford bull at £150 and an Angus heifer at £135.  Far and away the best Dairy bull was the nice black calf from DB & ME Williams which made £112.  Best of the rest £70-£75, with second quality £45-£60 and smalls £20-£30.

STRONG CALVES – Only one calf, a well reared Charolais X bull from GH & AH James, which made £400 at just over 3 months.

BREEDING CATTLE – A useful breeding entry of 11 outfits which included some strength & quality.  Top selling of £1560 for a 2nd calving Blue cow (49m) & her Charolais steer calf (1m) from J & Mrs HL Hudd, who sold others at £1520, £1480 & £1310.

STIRKS/YOUNG STORES22 forward today to a top of £830 for a Lim steer (11m) from M J Haines, with others from the same home at £750 & £745 (Lim steers, 10-11m).  J & Mr HL Hudd sold a Charolais steer (13m) at £810, with D Mantle selling a pair of Lim steers (10m) at £795.

STORE CATTLE – A super entry of 256 store cattle forward, plenty of quality well bred cattle today which continue to be easy to sell despite the poor returns from the finished product.  Out of spec sorts still difficult but no less on the week.

Feeding steers to £1150 (600kg-15m) for Limousin crosses from J Williams, Three Crosses, with similar steers to £1135 (580kg-19m) from the same home.  Smart Limousin crosses from DT Tranter, sold to £1095 (540kg-17m).  British Blue cross Friesian steers to £1095 (655kg-30m) & £1080 (630kg-31m) from RG & MA Williams.  Wintering steers sold to £1070 (516kg-19m) for British Blue crosses from DT Tranter, Charolais crosses to £1055 (16m) from WB & DE Powell; Mrs VJ Bull sold Limousin crosses to £1050 (16m).  Yearling steers to £920 for Charolais crosses from Clytha Farm Partnership.  A tremendous show of feeding heifers sold to £1180 (620kg-23m) for an outstanding Limousin cross British Blue from JR Williams; Aberdeen Angus crosses from H, JW & MH Evans, sold to £1150 (700kg-33m); Charolais crosses to £1095 (580kg-22m) from the same home.  DT Tranter, sold a super pen of Charolais crosses to £1085 (536kg-17m). Grazing heifers to £865 (15m) for Limousin crosses from Mrs VJ Bull, all the best heifers £2/kg. Yearling heifers to £730 for Charolais heifers from Williams Bros.

CULL CATTLE – A larger entry of 39 culls to a strong trade and sharp competition despite lack of strength and with only 5 Grade 1 in the whole entry.  Top price of £1040 for a Limousin from J H Davies who also sold another at £985.  Top price Friesian £885 from GA & AH James.  Overage steers to £1060 from JR Davies & Partners.










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