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Knighton Market 

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McCartneys report an entry of 2240 breeding ewes and 12 ewe lambs at Knighton Market Grand Multi Breed Sale on Tuesday 10th September 2019.

This included the Annual Prize Show and Sale of Yearling Ewes.  The prize classes were kindly sponsored by HSBC with Mr Robert Ruell as the judge.  Results were as follows:

Class 1                   Best Pen of 20 or more Welsh Mule Ewes (out of Beulah/Speckle Faced Ewes)

1st                           N L Pugh & Co, Longville Farm                    £148       Reserve Champion

2nd                          N L Pugh & Co, Longville Farm                    £144

3rd                           A T Bennett & Son, Bronrevel                     £128                                                          

Class 2                   Best Pen of 20 or more Welsh Mule Ewes (out of Welsh Ewes)

1st                           T A Swancott & Son, Lawn Farm                 £174   Champion Pen

2nd                          R J Lewis, Lower Hall                                       £158                      

3rd                           Mrs S E Vaughan, Great House                   £152                      

Class 3                   Best Pen of 20 or more Cross Bred Ewes

1st                           E R Jones, Dolagored Fach                            £140 

2nd                          E R Jones, Dolagored Fach                            £148

3rd                           P T & E G Williams, Maesycoed                  £152

An excellent sale day here with a total clearance achieved on all ewes and ewe lambs.  Overall average for yearling ewes was £133.50 per head selling to £174 for the Champion Pen of Welsh Mule ewes from T A Swancott & Son, The Lawn.  Also to £160 for Mule ewes from N L Pugh & Co, Longville Farm.  The following two lots from the same home sold to £158 per head.  Also to £158 for Mule ewes form R J Lewis, Lower Hall.

Ewe lambs averaged £167.50 per head and sold to £170 for Texel ewe lambs from J P L Owens, Aberceithon.

Two year old ewes averaged £98.61 per head and sold to £108 per head form A Goodwin, Mynd Farm.

Knighton Market Second Grand Multi Breed Sale of Breeding Ewes, Ewe Lambs and Rams is on Tuesday 24th September 2019 at 11.00am.  Catalogue entries close Monday 16th September 2019 at 5.00pm.

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