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Knighton Market 

Tel: 01547 528273 (Sale Days Only) Alternatively Tel: 01547 528621

McCartneys report an entry of 75 Store Cattle at Knighton Market on Friday 16th August 2019.

A modest but quality entry of store cattle sold to an outstanding trade.  The ring was full of buyers with several competitively biding on all lots.  Total clearance was achieved.   Overall average on the day was 192.12 pence per kilo.

Steers averaged 200.39 pence per kilo and sold to 213.6 pence per kilo for a pair of 405 kilo Limousin x steers selling to £865 per head from J K & E G Jones & Sons, Whitton Court.  210.9 pence per kilo for a 505 kilo Limousin x steer selling to £1065 from J T & J E Lloyd, The Corner.

Top price per head was £1085 for a 590 kilo Charolais x steer from J W Davies & Son, Tyn y Bryniau.  Other top prices were £1045 for a pair of Blonde D’Aquitaine x steers weighing 530 kilo from G V Hardwick & Son, Upper Talcoed.  Also to £1045 for a 520 kilo Limousin x steer from B & C Fairclough, Cwmyrhiewdre.

Heifers averaged 185.33 pence per kilo and sold to 210.10 pence per kilo for a British Blue heifer weighing 445 kilo and selling to £935 from E E, D H & A S Oliver, Weeg Barns.  209 pence per kilo for a 445 kilo Blonde D’Aquitaine x heifer selling to £930 from W W Griffiths & Sons, Lower Cellws.

Top price per head for heifers was £1065 for a 525 kilo Blonde D’Aquitaine x heifer from W W Griffiths & Sons, Lower Cellws.  £1035 for a pair of 505 kilo Blonde D’Aquitaine x heifers from the same home.  £985 per head for a 560 kilo Charolais x heifer from J W Davies & Sons, Tyn y Bryniau.

Bulls averaged 202.10 pence per kilo and sold to 204 pence per kilo for a bunch to Limousin x bulls from I L & A J Powell, Lower Cwmydalfa.

Larger entries of store cattle, Young Feeding Bulls, Breeding Stock and Cull Cows needed for the next sale on Friday 20th September 2019. This will be held alongside our first annual Show & Sale of Store Lambs.  Entries close Thursday 12th September 2019 at 5pm.  Please phone in with your entries Tel: Office 01547 528621, Jenny Layton Mills 07867522859 or Lloyd Humphreys 07534532468.

Top prices for Steers, Heifers and Bulls of various weights as follows:


400KG CHAR £800 (200.00), 405KG LIM £865 (213.60), 430KG BLONDE £890 (207.00), 465KG LIM £965 (207.50), 490KG LIM £995 (203.10), 505KG LIM £1065 (210.90), 520KG LIM £1045 (201.00), 530KG BLONDE £1045 (197.20).


445KG BBLUE £935 (210.10), 455KG BBLUE £950 (208.80), 460KG BLONDE £920 (200.00), 505KG BLONDE £1035 (205.00), 525KG BLONDE £1065 (202.90).


470KG LIM £960 (204.30), 475KG LIM £960 (202.10).

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