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Knighton Market 

Tel: 01547 528273 (Sale Days Only) Alternatively Tel: 01547 528621

McCartneys report an entry of 555 Lambs and 80 Cull Ewes at Knighton Market on Thursday 15th August 2019.

A reduced entry of sheep sold to a good trade throughout.  Although lambs were back from last week they were a lot firmer than other centers earlier in the week.  Seven buyers competitively bidding throughout made it clear that they wanted the lambs resulting in a total clearance being achieved.

Lambs averaged 174.04 pence per kilo topping at 180 pence per kilo for 44.5 kilo Texel x lambs selling to £80 from H E Rollings & Son, Dyke House.  Five further vendors sold lambs to 176 pence per kilo ranging between 41kg-45.5kg.

Top price per head was £85 for 54 kilo Texel x lambs from J H & J A Ellis, Green Shutters.  £84 for two pens of 48.5 kilo lambs from A Scatcherd, Roslyn.  £82.20 for 3 pens of 47 kilo Texel x lambs from D M Wilding, Blaenycwm.

A reduced entry of cull sheep met a much improved trade.  An overall average of £55.06 was achieved which was a lot better than what it sounds considering a large proportion of the ewes were Welsh/Hill ewes.

Top price was £88.50 for a trio of Texel x ewes from J K & E G Jones & Sons, Whitton Court.  £67 for a pair of black Texel x ewes from S Watts, Lower Trebert Cottage.

Mule ewes sold to £66 from M H Price, Pool House Farm.  Also to £64 for ewes from J K & E G Jones & Sons, Whitton Court Farm.

Hill ewes sold to £65 per head from D L Jones, The Ddole.  Also to £57 from S Watts, Lower Trebert Cottage.

Rams sold to £80 per head for a Blue Faced Leicester tup from D L Jones, The Ddole.

Sale of Prime lambs & Cull sheep at Knighton Market every Thursday. Weighing from 8.00 am sale at 10.00am.  Tel: 01547 528621.

Up to date market information for entries to Jenny Layton Mills 07867 522859, or Lloyd Humphreys 07534 532468

Average prices for Premium and Prime Lambs of various weights as follows:-

36.5-43kg Premium 176.00 pence per kilo Prime 171.53 pence per kilo, 43.5-48 kg Premium 179.45 pence per kilo Prime 170.96 pence per kilo, 48.5kg+ Premium 173.00 pence per kilo Prime 165.15 pence per kilo.


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