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Knighton Market 

Tel: 01547 528273 (Sale Days Only) Alternatively Tel: 01547 528621

McCartneys report an entry of 1845 Sheep consisting of 937 lambs and 908 ewes at Knighton Market on Thursday 1st August 2019.

A pleasing entry of lambs sold to a very firm trade throughout with total clearance achieved.  Overall average on the day was 177.31 pence per kilo selling to 187 pence per kilo for 46 kilo Texel lambs achieving £86 from K J & L Tortoriello, Garbett Hall.  185 pence per kilo for 46 kilo lambs selling to £85.20 from A E Bason, Highfield House.

Top price per head was £87 for 52 kilo lambs from J H Morris & Sons, Lower Spoad.  Also to £86.20 for a second pen of 48 kilo lambs from the same home.

A tremendous entry of ewes sold to a strong trade throughout.  An overall average of £55.70 was achieved only being -14p compared to last week showing that numbers are not an issue here at Knighton.  Top price per head per head was £90 for Texel ewes from A J Tortoriello, Pound Farm.  Also £90 for ewes from J Thomas & Son, Tan House.  £89 for Texel ewes from B J & M Morgan, Old Neuadd.  Mule ewes sold to £80 from D M Wilding, Blaenycwm.  Also to £80 from E D Bennett & Sons, Trellwydion.  Cull ewes sold to £63.50 for Speckled ewes from A E & M U Thomas, Glanrafon.  Also to £63 for Beulah ewes from E H Bennett & Sons, Trellwydion.  Rams averaged £77.50 and sold to £95 for a Texel ram from D L Jones, The Ddole.

Numbers are not an issue here in Knighton, with total clearance achieved in both sections.  More of both ewes and lambs required to meet demand from buyers before the Festival.

Sale of Prime lambs & Cull sheep at Knighton Market every Thursday. Weighing from 8.00 am sale at 10.00am.  Tel: 01547 528621.

Up to date market information for entries to Jenny Layton Mills 07867 522859, or Lloyd Humphries 07534 532468

Average prices for Premium and Prime Lambs of various weights as follows:-

36.5-43kg Premium 181.00 pence per kilo Prime 178.38 pence per kilo, 43.5-48 kg Premium 185.91 pence per kilo Prime 178.83 pence per kilo, 48.5kg+ Premium 171.00 pence per kilo Prime 165.50 pence per kilo.


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