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Knighton Market 

Tel: 01547 528273 (Sale Days Only) Alternatively Tel: 01547 528621

McCartneys report an entry of 303 Prime Lambs and 439 Cull Ewes at Knighton Market on Thursday 18th July 2019.

A reduced entry of lambs sold to a better trade than other markets earlier in the week.  Biggest demand for the best quality meatier lambs but all types were a fair trade.  Overall average was 178.59 pence per kilo topping at 183 pence per kilo for 43 kilo Texel lambs from J N Morris & Son, Lower Weston Farm selling to £78.80 per head.  Also to 182 pence per kilo for 44 kilo Texel x lambs selling to £80 from J G Duggan, Lea Hall.

Top price per head was £85 for 47 kilo Texel x lambs from J N Morris & Son, Lower Weston.  £85 per head for 55 kilo Texel x lambs from A G & J K Davies, Upper Esgair.  £84 for 48 kilo Texel x lambs from the same home.

Texel ram lambs now wanted for festival.  Lambs should ideally be clean headed and over 44 kilo.

An exceptional cull ewe trade yet again.  All breeds/types sold very well but a premium is being paid for medium sized ewes with reasonable meat coverage.  This is to meet demand from the festival. More ewes needed weekly.  Average on the day was £68.31 per head topping at £98 for Texel ewes from K J & L Tortoriello, Garbett Hall.  £97 for Suffolk ewes from R F Gough & Son, New House.  Also to £96 for Texel x ewes again from K J & L Tortoriello, Garbett hall.  £95.50 for Suffolk ewes from E R Roberts & Son, Racecourse Farm.

Mules sold to £85 from J N Morris & Son, Lower Weston Farm.  £83 for Mule ewes from A G & J M Davies, Upper Esgair.  £80 for Mule ewes from J H Morgan & Son, The Bank.

Hill ewes sold to £70 for Welsh ewes from R J Lewis, Lower Hall.  £69 for Welsh ewes from B Watkins & Son, Dolau House.  £65.50 for a second pen from R J Lewis, Lower Hall

Sale of Prime lambs & Cull sheep at Knighton Market every Thursday. Weighing from 8.00 am sale at 10.00am.  Tel: 01547 528621.

Up to date market information for entries to Jenny Layton Mills 07867 522859, Katie Davies on 07817 474241 or Glyn Owens 07970 160898.

Average prices for Premium and Prime Lambs of various weights as follows:-

36.5-43kg Premium 183.00 pence per kilo Prime 178.13 pence per kilo, 43.5-48 kg Premium 181.55 pence per kilo Prime 176.89 pence per kilo, 48.5kg+ Prime 161.30 pence per kilo.

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