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McCartneys of Kington report an entry of 1,681 sheep on Thursday last, the 29th August.

A good entry of sheep this week met a better than expected trade and good demand by the buyers in all sections.


We had an entry of 1,328 lambs, which sold to a reasonable trade on the week.

The lambs averaged £1.78ppk up to £1.90ppk from MG & GJ Morgan, Bage Court.  

The demand was good from the buyers and the medium weights, between 39kg and 45.5kg, would be easier sold than the heavier weights.

The buyers are looking for meated and well-bred lambs for their orders.

The lambs sold up to £85 per head for some 52kg lambs from VP & DE Jones, White House.

The 39kg to 45.5kg lambs averaged the best PPK and averaged £1.78ppk throughout this weight range.

Lambs between 32 kg to 39 kg averaged 1.78ppk up to 1.79ppk which averaged £69/head.

Lambs between 40 kg to 45 kg averaged 1.78ppk up to 1.90ppk which averaged £79/head.

Lambs between 46 kg to 52 kg averaged 1.72ppk up to 1.80ppk which averaged £81/head.

Lambs over 52.1 kg averaged 1.58ppk up to 1.59ppk which average £85/head.

Our light lamb section, for lambs under 37kg, sold to a good trade and averaged £1.70ppk up to £1.71ppk. All light lambs averaged a good £53 per head, for lambs weighing from 27kg to 34.5kg.

We are fortunate to have excellent buyer support from 7 regular buyers giving excellent competition for the spring lambs each week.


There was reasonable entry of 353 cull & store sheep, which sold to a very good trade on the week. The strong well-bred cull sheep which were not fat would be the best trade on the day.

We had a good entry of cull sheep again with the usual entry of thin and small hill bred sheep.

The buyers are currently requiring good meated sheep which are not fat. All types of cull sheep were in good demand. The well meated Continental and Suffolk x bred sheep were obtaining market premiums, as long as they were not fat.

The cull sheep sold to a top of £99 per head from TR & GM Layton, Pontypinna and averaged a very good £60 per head.

We have buyers for in excess of 2,000 lambs and 750 cull sheep per week to meet our buyers’ requirements.

Mccartneys at Kington, offer an on-farm livestock grading and marketing advice service on a free of charge basis.

Kington Market is every Thursday,

Commencing at 11.00am with lambs

Followed by Cull Sheep, Light and Store lambs

For further information please contact

Gareth Wall on 01544 230316 or 07974 143336

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