Farmplus Constructions Ltd

Design and supply of timber agricultural buildings, including cow kennels, house and feed and complete dairy units, sheep housing and general purpose buildings.

Farmplus staff use their experience from thirty years of service to provide you with a timber building that is extraordinarily robust, whilst being aesthetically pleasing and excellent value for money.

These features are based on the requirements of our farming customers, resulting in our timber buildings being designed to BS5502 Class 2 (an agricultural specification).

We are also able to supply timber buildings with a specification to suit other market sectors.


Farmplus timber buildings for livestock are available in a range of styles, sizes and specifications that cater for large commercial enterprises and smaller concerns alike.

Because wood breathes, it helps keep the indoor environment of livestock buildings healthy.

It does this by balancing humidity inside, absorbing moisture when it’s wet, and releasing it when it’s dry, all of which provides a superior environment for health and welfare.


The timber used in Farmplus timber buildings is from sustainable forests. Wood is the most environmentally friendly commercial building material known to man.

In Europe we only harvest 65% of forest growth, therefore tree numbers increase every year.

Uniquely it is renewable and, even allowing for the energy required for logging, shipping and processing, it is effectively carbon neutral – for every cubic metre of growth, trees absorb one tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere storing it as carbon and releasing oxygen.

Because wood breathes it helps keep the indoor environment of Farmplus timber buildings healthy, balancing the humidity inside by absorbing moisture when it’s wet and releasing it when it’s dry.

Wood is also naturally beautiful, has warmth, character and integrity that never go out of fashion.


The Farmplus style of timber building originated in 1973 and thousands of our timber buildings are still in operation today.

All of our timber is treated with Celcure P60 (UK) wood preservative by vacuum pressure impregnation, which provides long lasting protection due to its deep penetrating action.

A re-application is simply required at 20 year intervals

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