Water For You

Drinking water has a huge number of important benefits – which is why drinking the recommended 8 glasses each day is vital. Some of these benefits include:-

• Weight Loss
• Healthier & Younger Looking Skin
• Increased Concentration
• Assists the Body in Absorbing Vitamins & Minerals
• Increases your Energy
• Increases your Mental & Physical Ability
• Removes Toxins from the Body
• Reduce Headaches & Dizziness
• Helps to Regular your Appetite
• Reduces the Risk of Infections
• Reduces ‘Sunken Eyes’ and Bags Under the Eyes


We are a local family run business based in Carmarthenshire offering a professional and personal service providing drinking water coolers to your workplace, school, or home.

Water For You is able to provide you with a regular and convenient supply of pure spring water with a range of stylish Bottled Water Coolers from free standing to table top sizes. (Some water is not Spring).

There is no minimum order, regular 7/14 day delivery, hot and cold dispensers with a range of sealed in-cup drinks (tea soup hot chocolate coffee etc).

Our aim is to supply you with the best service, from your initial enquiry and order, through to your regular supplies and sanitisation. We aim to provide a one stop service for all of your water needs. Regularly replenishing your water supplies and cups, and sanitising your coolers, thereby ensuring you the freshness and purity you expect from your daily water.


Unit 22 Crosshands Business Workshops, Crosshands, SA14 6RE, Carmarthenshire
Heol Parc Mawr
01269 832993