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Improving genetics and fertility are key ways to optimise your system. Speaking at a recent fertility event, Dave Gilbert of Horizon Dairy Vets gave us his top tips to make improvements:

  • Start with the end in mind and a clear objective for what you want to achieve with your herd
  • Recovery time is key; make sure you give your cows plenty of time before calving again. Healthy, well-fed cows will get back in calf and define the success of each year. Make sure the herd is in good nutritional order and you have dealt with health problems
  • If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage – you won’t achieve success year-on-year if you aren’t proactive. You need to be able to adapt and change each giving season. One year, what you do might be successful, but the following year circumstances may change
  • Sexed semen is a good option for dairy farmers when considering fertility. Farmers can use it to produce more heifers and expand their herd. You can also use sexed semen to strategically drive cows with the bestgenetics and ensure you get heifers from the bestcows. It can also improve calf value and reduce theinstances of bull calf deaths
  • Refining your fertility and optimising your calving pattern can also make a different to staff happiness and retention

  • "AHDB Dairy provides products and services to improve the sustainability of British dairy farming. We do this by providing independent, evidence-based information to British dairy farmers on:

    • Animal fertility, health and welfare
    • Business management
    • Technical efficiency
    • Perception of dairy farming with the public

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