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Just a reminder that for those who registered a Lasting Power of Attorney or an Enduring Power of Attorney with the Office of the Public Guardian between April 2013 and 31st March 2017, an application to reclaim a portion of the fees paid can be made. 

This includes for repeat applications and remissions with refunds being between £34.00 and £54.00 per Power, depending upon the date the fee was paid. 

If a Donor made the application to register, a rebate can be claimed online or by telephone.  If the Donor has died, their Personal Representative can apply by email or post with the refund being paid to the Donor only (or the Estate).  Applications can be made up to 31st January 2021 and to apply for a rebate, the Power must have been made in England or Wales.

For the full July 2018 Legal Update see:

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